Tentative Program

Monday 12/2/2019

Pulmonary diseases Greetings
Plenary -Connie Kasari: JASPER in the community
Autism Prematurity C
early intervention of infants with the prodrome of autism Reducing stress in infants *
very early assessment and intervention Music therapy in preterm infants *
intensive intervention for autism Pain related stress in preterm infants *
structured preschool participation observation
Plenary - Autism
Autism Rare diseases C
Developmental origins of ASD Social work intervention with children with retinoblastoma *
Novel screening algorythm Diamond Blackfan anemia *
Prenatal causes associated with ASD * *
Valproic acid induces autism like behaviour in mice * *

Tuesday 12/3/2019

Pulmonary diseases Plenary
Community pediatrics B Social work
Approach to persistent asthma * Accessible interactions: From exclusion to inclusion
Media as a mean of access to knowledge and evidenced based information to parents and children * Language exposure and children welfare: The deaf case
Sleep disorders in children * Social accessibility for preschool children with vision impairment
When should we consider immunodeficiency? * Self-Determination and alternative communication
HPV and Meningococcal Vaccines
Community pediatrics B Social work
Cardiac causes of sudden death in children * Disability and/or quality of life?
Recurrent UTI's in Children * Future parents, “perfect babies” and genetic counseling
Rights and entitlements in our health system * child abuse among children with disabilities
Inclusion of NICU graduates in the community Dyadic coping in cystic fibrosis
Innovations in infant nutrition
Emergency medicine in community clinics

Wednesday 12/4/2019

Plenary-Healthcare children with chronic diseases
Healthcare IDD C
New insights in Diabetes College program for persons with IDD *
Feeding disorders in Down syndrome Increaced risk for maltreatment in IDD *
Psychosocial aspects of eatind disorders Therapeutic clowning in IDD *
Physiotherapy in muscular disorders
Miscellaneous Society and culture C
Play focused intervention Commercial sexual exploitation of children *
Intestinal microbiome, breastfeeding and maternal smoking Cultural interpreters in Jewish orthodox community *
Edothelial dysfunction and atheosclerosis in hypertensive children diagnosis of abusive head trauma *
Children visitng mothers in prison
Psychotrauma therapy in child neglect and abuse


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The Hadassah Pediatric Chronic Disease Center located at the Hadassah Mount Scopus Campus is dedicated to assisting children and their families to cope with the challenges of chronic disease. The multidisciplinary staff provides holistic and integrated care with the emphasis on providing state of the art therapeutics with culturally appropriate and psychosocially oriented caring.  A special focus of the Center is fostering peaceful co-existence which is so important in a region that is war-torn.

The Center has multiple units specializing in specific diseases including cystic fibrosis, feeding disorders, inborn errors of metabolism, Down’s syndrome, diabetes, intellectual disabilities, adoption and rheumatologic disorders.   Most recently, the Center has opened a Supportive and Palliative Care Unit which assists families in coping with children with complex medical conditions that are life-threatening.